How to use?

Using Printit is very simple. First click 'Upload your Files' and add your documents there. You will get an ID. Now go to the print shop and tell the shopkeeper to open The shopkeeper has to enter the ID provided in the upload screen. Now they can access all uploaded files by you. You can check this detailed video and written instruction as well

For uploader

  • Open
  • You will see a Upload your Files button
  • You will be redireted to 'myspace' screen
  • Upload your files there
  • You will see a 7 digit id there, copy it or take a screenshot of it
  • Your space will be valid for 1 day, after that your space and files will be deleted
  • You can always visit your space / delete some files by going to
  • Don't upload any sensitive information, as anyone having your space id can access your files
  • Don't forget to tell your friend about Printit

For shopkeeper

  • Open
  • Enter the space id provided by your customer
  • Click 'Files'
  • Download those files and print
  • Don't forget to tell your friend about Printit